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Serenata Flowers Review (2022): Number 1 In Exceptional Delivery & Quality

Flowers are a wonder of the world. Whether it is to celebrate a special occasion or spruce up the day, beautiful flowers can make a difference. Serenata Flowers aims to spread smiles throughout the UK and makes sending and receiving flowers easier and more sufficient with an impeccable delivery system throughout the country.

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What Is Serenata Flowers?

Capturing and conveying a strong message is hard in today’s modern and digital age. The act of gift-giving is slowly dying down, but Serenata Flowers has found a way to continue spreading joy and love throughout the country.

Established in 2003, Serenata Flowers has emphasized spreading smiles throughout the UK. The company aims to provide fresh flowers with excellent delivery to make receiving flowers as meaningful as it used to be.

While breaking into the e-commerce market has never been easy, Serenata Flowers is one of the oldest functional flower shops that are still active in the UK. Being around since 2003, the online store has seen it all through the times, and since becoming effective at online marketing, the company is slowly bringing the UK together.

Having years of experience and only sourcing the best flowers from around the world is why their long-standing reputation has not been tainted. The company believes that not only should the flowers chosen be perfect, but the expert delivery needs to make it the perfect situation to capture the moment.

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Pros & Cons Of Serenata Flowers

Having a better understanding of what makes them flourish and how they stand out is an important step in finding the right flowers. Here is a small breakdown of what makes them stand out and a few issues they are dealing with.


  • Serenata offers an easy-to-access website with a variety of products and makes navigation through the tabs easy.
  • The aim is perfection and every bouquet or flower package is delivered on time and with optimal freshness.
  • They have extensive experience, dating back to 2003, with a selection of expert growers and selectors for flowers.
  • The company delivers all over the United Kingdom in a timely fashion to ensure flowers are in optimal condition.
  • They can deliver flowers up to 7-days per week, meaning you have flowers ready for every occasion.


  • Same-day delivery is something many people might be wanting, but this is often not possible with Serenata.
  • Some of the prices can be exorbitant when compared to the major competitors in the UK, but their service makes up for it.

How Much Does Serenata Flowers Cost

Being one of the older service delivery shops in the UK, they have managed to build some of the best connections through the different countries. Due to these excellent connections, flower prices are slightly cheaper than competitors.

One of their biggest downfalls is the delivery costs. While flowers tend to be on the cheaper side of the spectrum, the large spat of land they cover means that some deliveries classify as international. You might also have to check to see if a certain flower is available for delivery to your location.

Compared to some of the major rivals, Serenata is not the cheapest of flower e-commerce shops in the UK. Some of their products tend to be expensive, making it harder for the average person to buy. Fortunately, numerous specials and deals can be found for specific flowers and bouquets in certain parts of the UK.

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What Does Serenata Offer For Buyers?

When it comes to variety, not many competitors can hold a candle to what they offer in the UK. Aside from special flowers, numerous other gifts can be found. You should be able to find the ideal gift for almost every situation.

Standard Flower Bouquets

You can readily find the traditional bouquets and with a vast majority to choose from, it could help you get what you need. Seasonal options are often promoted on the website and many of them are at discounted prices.


A variety of plants are available for purchase. These are to celebrate special occasions like Mother’s day throughout the year. Buyers have a variety of plants to choose from, which often includes the instructions for caring for them.

Letterbox Flowers

If you want a unique combination of flowers to make up any bouquet, Serenata offers a vast selection of letterbox flowers for users to choose from. These handpicked flowers are in bud form and allow the recipient to see them grow and bloom.

Serenata Flower Subscriptions

If you enjoy receiving flowers or want to send daily flowers, one of the many flower subscription services will make this possible. Serenata offers a variety of subscription services for customers to choose from.

Delight Subscription – £39.99

The delight subscription offers you the delivery of flowers throughout the year. You can choose if you want to deliver them weekly, fortnightly, or monthly. Various options are available for choosing flower packages.

Euphoria Subscription – £49.99

Being slightly more expensive, this subscription offers you the same delivery options. However, the flower options are more unique and you have the bonus of including a vase. For an additional £12.99, you can add a vase to every delivery.

Where Does Serenata Deliver & When?

Serenata delivers flowers every day and they cover almost the entire UK. No matter where in the UK you find yourself, someone can send you flowers. With numerous growers spread throughout the UK, they have a variety of different options.

Unfortunately, we could not find any specific feature for same-day delivery, which means you might need to wait a day. Since special care is taken for the packaging, you can understand that you have to wait to get the best quality.

Serenata Flowers – Final Verdict

If quality flowers are what you are looking for Serenata Flowers is one of the leading brands and manufacturers in the UK. They have built a reputable reputation and many people rely on Serenata for their fresh flowers. With so many growers and people in different countries, it is hard to see how anyone would compete with them for the quality of products they deliver. Serenata is your one-stop online shop for all your specific flower needs in the UK.

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