Moyses Stevens Flowers Review (2022): Why You Should Order From One of the UK’s Oldest Flower Shops

Contemplating the perfect way to surprise your loved one? Moyses Stevens Flowers may just be the florist solution you need. Whether it’s seasonal flowers for your home or a lily bouquet for your partner’s birthday, the florist has you covered.

However, Moyses Stevens Flowers is not your regular florist. Specializing in luxury and elegance, this renowned flower shop delivers a unique experience, guaranteed to leave a smile and feeling of satisfaction on your loved ones. Further, what makes Moyses Stevens Flowers distinctive is the careful attention to quality and versatility with their plethora of packages.

This, in turn, ensures everyone gets a piece of what they want. Still wondering exactly what to send your loved one’s way? This exhaustive Moyses Stevens Flowers Review shares everything there is to know about the florist, including the services they offer.

About Moyses Stevens Flowers

Moyses Stevens Flowers has been on the market since 1876. With well over a century in business, the florist has left their mark as a true testament to mastering their craft.  Moyses Stevens focuses on the finest flowers you can pick up in-store or opt for doorstep delivery.

To cater to different customer needs, you will find a variety of luxury and award-winning flower products, including bespoke bouquets of tulips, roses, and mixtures of flower varieties.

Moyses Stevens Flowers Product Offering Review

Moyses Stevens has a selection of floral and plant product offerings. The florist is primarily known for its luxury floral collections and bespoke bouquets.

The florist caters for;

  • Home deliveries for individuals and loved ones
  • Weddings
  • Baby showers
  • Corporate events
  • Funerals
  • Other types of events

Floral Collection

Each bouquet is handmade in the florist’s London studio and consists of the most exquisite flowers sourced from around the world. With a wide variety of floral designs, you can choose anything from in-house seasonal designs, roses, scented, and infinite flowers to curating your own custom bouquet.

For example, the lilac bouquet boasts a magical pastel palette with a rose, Limonium, and white nigella combination. The bouquet is then finished with seasonal greenery to bring an aura of class to your home.

On the other hand, the cherry lady bouquets best suit those who prefer more bold colors. It features deep rich calla lilies in 3 beautiful shares, combining a blend of purples, speckled blooms, and dark velvety tones. The flower blend is accentuated with a backdrop of white hydrangeas.

Now, these are just a few of the myriad flora combinations for you and your loved ones. Additionally, each bouquet offering comes in three size selections, i.e. regular, large, and deluxe. You can also pair your bouquets with add-on gifts like chocolates, champagne, bonbon, or simply a vase. Alternatively, you can choose a bundle package at a reduced cost.

Plant Collection

The florist also offers a wide selection of houseplants. You can opt for standard houseplants, like leafy monsteras. Alternatively, you can go for large house-made centerpiece arrangements full of color and fun combinations.

These houseplants make great gifts, centerpiece décor for events, and even, for adding style to your home. When you purchase your plants, you will choose between several options for the perfect end product.

These include a choice of a set or individual plants, the color of pots, and whether or not you want to add on a gift (similar to the flower bouquet bundles).

Luxury Orchids

Moyses Stevens Plants come in two types, i.e. luxury orchids and standard green plants. Luxury orchids come in different varieties, including rare and hard-to-find options. For example, you can opt for a stunning combination of orange phalaenopsis orchids.

These varieties are specially grown for their big blooms and eye-catching finish. These orchids typically come in a ceramic bowl and can be bought as an individual piece or set of 3.

Leafy/Green Plants

Similarly, standard green plants offer a wide variety you can also purchase in sets or individually. For instance, the two-piece set kentia palm is the perfect addition for small floor spaces. The tall and elegant green leafy palm adds a bold characteristic look to your living space with its arching stems and fanned-out finger-like leaves.

On the other hand, flower lovers who lack the skill or time for sufficient upkeep will enjoy the ZZ plant. Coined as unkillable, the plant survives the harshest conditions, whether low or bright light setting to under watering. Yet, it maintains a wide and dark attractive leafy finish for that perfect green setting in your home.

Moyses Stevens Pricing, Promotions & Discounts

Moyses Stevens offers a pretty reasonable price range, making its flowers and plants accessible to most buyers. You will pay anywhere between £60 and £130 for flowers, based on the size and combination. Plants also fetch around the same range, starting from £50 to £300.

You can also take advantage of various other customer perks to help you save more.  All customers with the Moyses Stevens store accounts automatically get added to the rewards points program. So, you earn up to 10 points with every £10 you spend.

When you reach specific points, you can use them to redeem rewards like coupon codes and store credits. For instance, you can enjoy up to £20 off during store offers with a 1000 rewards points balance.

Additional Moyses Stevens Flowers Customer Perks

Moyses Stevens runs a subscription program for customers who want regular flower or plant supply. The service allows you to choose from a wide range of varieties and styles, including English Garden, modern home, and Scandinavian setups. Alternatively, you can opt for the florist’s rotational setup.

Further, the delivered flowers come in different sizes, ranging from regular to deluxe, and have a different finish, whether loose, as a bouquet, or in a vase. You can choose different delivery intervals – from weekly to monthly deliveries. The florist also offers gift cards at different price ranges for when you want to gift your loved ones.

Are Moyses Stevens Flowers Worth It?

Based on thousands of customer reviews, Moyses Stevens Flowers are certainly worth the money. With over a century on the market, Moyses Stevens Flowers continue to leave a mark on the market. However, it’s not only the 100+ track year record that makes the florist stand out.

Over the years, Moyses Stevens has continued to master its craft, artistry, and quality, delivering the finest and premium flowers and plants. Plus, the florist offers a wide range of flower and plant options to choose from.

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