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Flower Station Review (2022)

What would this world be even without flowers? Flowers add color to life; place them wherever you want, making that place even more beautiful. Their smell and fragrance are unmatchable; no synthetic smell can replace their scent. They are a source of honey, and if I started listing the benefits of honey, this article wouldn’t be enough. They are one of the cheapest sources of beauty; you can grow them wherever you want, provided a very few easy requirements are met.

At flower station, our goal is to provide our customers with the perfect flowers according to the occasion. We make flower bouquets and flower baskets and even give courses on making such accessories at your own home.

Let’s guide you through our arena.


We are a UK-based store, and our shops are located at:

  • Liverpool
  • Hamstead 
  • Marylebone

And definitely, you can order from us online from the ease of your home. We deliver fresh flowers in whatever arrangement you desire.


We have hand-picked gorgeous flowers for the following events:

     Here is a bit about our flowers: 

Mother’s Day Flowers

                                      Our Mother’s Day flowers are very famous and loved by everyone, we will prepare the perfect bouquet for your mother, and we guarantee you she will love it. You can go through our website and check them out for yourself and give us a visit to our shops.

Spring Flowers

                          Our Spring Flowers are delivered on the same day in London. They are the best seasonal flowers you will find anywhere; their bright colors and fragrance will blow your mind away.

Rose Boxes

                     We deliver fresh, big, and beautiful roses in luxury boxes. They can easily be gifted on any occasion. Also, you pick the color of the rose that you want.


                    We want to make sure that your special day goes well, so we provide special anniversary flowers and bouquets that you can get customized according to your liking. You can order through our website or call us.

Birthday Flowers

                             If you want your birthday flowers to be delivered on the same day in London, then place your order before 6 PM, and we will deliver them to your doorsteps. Also, if you are unable to find the flower of your choice, call our birthday florist, and they will guide you to the flower you are looking for.


                            Want to celebrate a happy happening with flowers? Well, think no more, we have got the best bright colored flowers for your special event. We can send the bouquet of your choice to your friends, family, relatives, colleagues, whoever you want. Just place your order online and let us know, and we will get your job done.


Don’t want to gift a flower? Well, why not a plant. A plant remains longer, it is easy to maintain, and many people prefer plants to flower gifts. Here at Flower station, we have a perfect range of potted plants. 

We have both outdoor and indoor plants arranged in beautiful pots. You can choose the color of the flower, the flower type, and the composition. We deliver nationwide, and we are just a call away. Feel free to contact us through our contact number provided for further assistance.


Flower Station Review

Our hand-tied collection is extraordinary and beautiful. Brides often prefer such flowers for their special day, and they can prove to be perfect gift items as well. You can get our hand-tied flowers delivered as anonymous. You can not only send them outside the city but even outside the country too. Just get in touch with us, and we will guide you further.


Don’t know which flower your friend would like? Well, worry no more. Send them our gift cards instead. Our gift cards can be redeemed with any online purchase with our partner sites, which are : 

  • Love Rose
  • Flower School Online
  • The Flower School

They can be used at any of our shops located in Liverpool, Hamstead, and Marylebone.

You can choose the color and design of the gift card, and we will get it delivered. 


We believe in teaching as well. We at the flower station believe that this tradition of giving flowers shouldn’t get lost in this fast-paced electronic world. So, for this purpose, we want to teach the people how to make such bouquets themselves. 

We offer specific courses at affordable rates. 

 Romantic Vase Arrangement

            This is a seasonal course where we teach how to arrange different flowers in different vases. We teach various techniques like the tape technique etc. Our focus is to make the inflorescence look natural, romantic, and attractive.

Let’s Spiral

          As the name of the course gives away, we teach the hand-tied technique to our students in this course. This is a simple, intricate technique that makes your flowers look more pretty and is very easy to learn. 

Flower Crown Making

          This course teaches how to make your handmade flower crowns. They look stunning and can be worn by kids, girls, or even brides. 

One Day Wedding Floral Course

          This course teaches our students how to select the perfect flowers for weddings. But not only selection, but we also teach how to arrange them in the form of a bouquet or corsage. We want to make our customers self-sufficient, teaching them how to design their bridal bouquets.

Winter Garden Container

          In this course, we teach about the soil as we know how important the soil is for the growth of a plant and flowers. We teach how to look after the container and the soil as the cold weather approaches.

Floral Seasonal Table Arrangement

In this course, we teach how to decorate your table with beautiful flowers and give them a perfect look.


          At the flower station, we deliver the best quality flowers. Our delivery services can deliver on the same day, outside the city, and even outside the country. We have got flowers for all types of occasions. And we also have the customized option available so that you can make your bouquets according to your liking. Not only this, we give courses to make this industry grow even stronger.

We hope you enjoyed reading this, can’t wait to get in contact with you. 

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