Arena Flowers Review (2022): The #1 Ethical Flower Store In The UK

For centuries, flowers have been the most common gift for events. Whether it’s a wedding, birthday celebration, graduation, or Valentine’s Day, you can get flowers for everyone because flowers are deeply ingrained in our society and tradition. It is essential to know where to get high-quality ones.

Arena Flowers is perfect if you’re looking for an online flower delivery service! This independent flower delivery site offers the best service you can ever find. This article will take a deeper look into what makes Arena Flowers the number one flower delivery service in the UK.

About Arena Flowers

Arena Flowers is an online service shop that sells almost everything related to flowers and gifts. They’ve got years of experience as they have delivered over 10 million bouquets and flowers to worldwide customers. 

The staff members are all expert florists who make every bouquet unique. They treat every flower request as their best, thus ensuring their work is one of the most high quality. 

They want to make the whole supply chamber better for people who want to order online and still positively impact the environment. 

Planting Trees

What’s excellent about Arena Flowers is that their service is like no other. They’re among the very few online businesses that care about the environment, for starters. Their initiative to plant trees has contributed to restoring communities that have been deforested.  

Instead of just planting trees, they’ve gone even a step further. They’ve ensured they get the best partnerships from companies that can do the most for the environment. 

They’ve specifically chosen mangroves with their partners, as they’re the best trees that capture carbon dioxide from the air. Because they have such dense roots, their capturing goes even further. They collect it from the soil and the air simultaneously. 

They plant Mangrove trees in Madagascar, Haiti, and Mozambique. These places have the best conditions that enable the Mangroves to grow faster and capture CO2 even better. These places are also purposely chosen as they’re often the most prominent places where deforestation happens. 

This also improves coastal erosion and improves marine ecology. 

Arena Flower’s Loop Waste System

Arena Flowers stand out from any other florist globally because they use a closed waste loop system. They’ve created a new way of using floral waste by working with Dutch growers. Every flower cut-off that happens first is processed. Then, we mile them and make the wrapping paper from that. 

That way, they don’t rely on other products such as nylon and other plastic, which have a massively negative impact on the environment. Their main goal is to make every single parcel from scratch as they want to reduce the waste that goes into landfills. 

The whole process goes like this: 

Arena Flowers’s closed-loop waste system process

Staff and Wages

Every flower that this online delivery store offers is sourced ethically. They ensure that every farm they get their flowers from has a Fairtrade certification and adheres to this company’s specific criteria. 

When it comes to staff members and employees, they’ve ensured that they have more than the minimum wage. The company’s primary goal is to make everyone happy and content with having enough money to live. 

They want their staff to be happy as happiness leads to more productivity. The happiest their employees are, the more comfortable the company and its clients are. 


Aside from being committed to environmental projects, this online delivery store impacts various charities. Last year, they joined ‘Bread & Water for Africa UK to ‘Plant a Better Future for African Children.’ This charity is to help support other organizations in Africa and help them gain international help.

Aside from this, this charity in Africa has put more than 100 children in school and provided them with food, water, and uniforms.

How does the customer help with the business?

With each purchase you make, you, as a customer, help our business get the funds to stay in the lane when it comes to supporting charities and enable us to partner with high-quality farms to get the best products for you and your buddies.

You help us support the Sue Ryder’s Grief Kind campaign for every bouquet you and your friends and family purchase. Mother’s day is a day where anyone should celebrate their mother. However, for people that have lost a mother figure of their own, the Sue Ryder campaign provides those people with grief care and neurological services.

How to handle your packages?

  • When you’re finished, make sure your package goes where it belongs. Everything’s straightforward, yet we’ve gone to great lengths to ensure that everything is recyclable or biodegradable; all you have to do now is toss it in the appropriate bin.
  • Take environmental preservation into your own house. Many families may quickly and inexpensively cut their water use. Many water suppliers can provide helpful advice and even water-saving gadgets that you can use at home.
  • Why not upcycle the flower product into a planter if you need to manage some plants indoors?

What kind of flowers does the Arena Flowers Offer?

Arena Flowers comes with a new collection of flowers and bouquet sets every season. If you want something that will stand out from the typical spring/ summer flowers, then the first thing we can offer you to take a look at is cacti.

Cacti Trio

The Cacti Trio is one of the easiest plants to maintain. They have a natural and comfortable friendliness and will bring that feeling into your home. Although having a cactus isn’t suitable if you have more minor children, this set of three cacti can improve the overall air quality as it is one of the most accessible trees to maintain.

For only 35 pounds, you can gift this to your significant other, friends, or another family. It is also essential to take care of it properly. Please put it in direct sunlight and watch the tree grow and glow!

The Cacti Trio

The Friendship Bouquet

If you want to gift your friend something nice for their birthday or show them appreciation, then the Friendship Bouquet is worth considering. This flower bouquet comprises lisianthus,  Fairtrade roses, and germini.

This combination in the Friendship Bouquet brings a completely diverse shade of pink ideal for almost any occasion. It is glamorous and luxurious, but it can also be casual.

Whether this flower bouquet comes all by itself, it is wrapped in eco-friendly nylon. Or you can choose between a cylinder vase and a brass cylinder vase.

The Friendship Bouquet

Even if you’re not a fan of plants and flowers, you can still gift yourself or your friends something sweet. For example, The Love Cocoa The Signature Chocolate Truffle Selection Box contains many different types of truffles.

Aside from allowing you to choose from these types, this chocolate box is vegetarian, doesn’t contain palm oil, and comes in eco-friendly packaging.

Amazing Customer Reviews

Jacklaneth– I had the most exceptional service with them. I accidentally put the wrong postcode when I initially made a purchase. I contacted customer service, and they immediately had it corrected. I even received an email everything has been settled. They had the best communication skills and very outstanding service. The best thing about them is that they even send a text when they deliver your flowers. I would shop at Arena Flowers again!

There are many other positive reviews, such as:

Final Thoughts

If you’re looking for a way to shower yourself with gifts or your friends and family, the Arena Flowers is the right online store you can stop by. It offers a unique approach to arranging flowers and gifts.

No matter the occasion, you can never miss this eco-friendly online store. Aside from donating to charities in Africa, it also has a mission to create a campaign to plant trees such as mangroves.

So hurry up, buy a bouquet and save the planet!

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