1800Flowers Review (2022): A Complete Gift Shop

In today’s fast-forwarding life it is very important to remember and celebrate our special days. Sending beautiful flowers and gifts to your loved ones on their special days is the easiest way to remind them that they are important and we love them. But what if they live far away? No problem, 1800flowers are here to the rescue.

What is 1800Flowers?

1800Flowers was established in 1976 as a small flower shop in New York by McCann. In 1992 McCann started offering their services online. They have 3300+ employees and deliver more than 30 million gifts every year with nearly $2.12 billion in annual sales.

1800Flowers are not just limited to flowers anymore but thanks to their family of brands that help them to add immense variety. Most of these brands have already marked high in the gift industry including:

  • The Popcorn Factory
  • Simply Chocolate
  • Shari’s Berries
  • Simply Chocolate
  • Stock Yards
  • Cheryl’s Cookies
  • Fruitbouquets.com
  • Harry & David
  • Godsey

How 1800Flowers Work?

1800Flowers is providing its extraordinary services in the USA and 195 other countries worldwide. All you have to do is go to their online portal and book your order and that’s it.  They even provide same-day delivery.

Customize Selection at 1800Flowers

They have a user-friendly website. You can select specific occasions (birthday, anniversary, get well, mothers day, etc) and you can also select by flower type from the 1800flowers website.

What do 1800Flowers Offer?

Their specialty is their wide range of flower delivery services including roses, daisies, lilies, tulips, sunflowers, and many more. But now 1800flowers also offers a variety of products as well including gift packages, care baskets, fruits, chocolates, etc.

Incredible Delivery Services of 1800Flowers

In the flower delivery business, the most important thing is delivery. By keeping this thing in mind 1800flower is providing same day flower delivery when it is within the United States. In the United Kingdom and Canada, next day deliveries are also available.

If we talk about 1800flowers international deliveries that process is a lot more different. So we recommend making a call to customer service of 1800flowers which is available 24/7 and get all the details before confirming an order. They will provide all the details for a specific country.

Celebration Passport: 1800Flowers

“Celebration Program” is a special membership program that is offered by 1800flowers. It is incredibly cost-effective and supports a huge list of payment methods. With the celebration program, you can enjoy many benefits including:

  • Free Shipping which may be very high for international deliveries
  • You can earn rewards and points with a passport membership
  • You will also get huge discounts on all brands from the brand family of 1800flowers

You can join this membership for just $19.99  for one whole year.

Pros of 1800Flowers

Affordable Prices of 1800Flowers

If we compare 1800flowers rates with its competitors it provides very affordable rates. It provides a platform through which we can join the celebration of our loved ones.

International Delivery of 1800Flowers

1800flowers provides international delivery in more than 195 countries. So now it does not matter where you are, you can always wish and connect with your family.

Same Day Delivery of 1800Flowers

If you have to deliver within the United States you can enjoy same day delivery with 1800flowers. They also provide next day delivery in a few countries (United Kingdom and Canada).

1800Flowers Member Deals

They have special membership deals for their exclusive members. On 1800flowers special Celebration Passport, you can enjoy special discounts on special days.

Free Shipping For Exclusive Members of 1800Flowers

With 1800flowers Celebration Passport, you can enjoy free shipping throughout the year.

Variety at 1800Flowers

With a huge brand family of 1800flowers, you can enjoy flowers, fruits, gift baskets, and many other things.

Order Tracking Through www.1800flowers.com

You can easily track your order through 1800flowers.com

Cons of 1800Flowers

Limited Promo Code

1800flowers has limited promo codes as compared to competitors. They also don’t offer a variety in their deals.

Cluttered Website

According to customers, 1800flowers.com (website) is technically outstanding but a little cluttered.


Who is the Owner of 1800Flowers?

1800flowers was established by Jim McCann 45 years ago and is still owned by him.

From Where Do 1800Flowers Collect Flowers?

1800flowers works alongside local florists around the country to get the freshest flowers. So during the flower arrangement, you may notice different colors and sizes of flowers.

Do 1800Flowers Offer International Shipping?

Yes, 1800flowers are delivered internationally. This brand can deliver flowers and gifts to more than 195 countries around the world.

What is the Shipping Policy of 1800Flowers?

Once you confirm your order 1800flowers gives you a choice of delivering the same day (only in the USA), the next day (only in the UK and Canada), or scheduling your delivery at any corner of the world. They mostly use USPS, UPS, or FedEx for delivery.

What is the Return Policy of 1800Flowers?

Due to their extraordinary services, 1800flowers offers a complete 100% smile guarantee. In case you are not satisfied due to any reason they will refund, exchange or refund. Only you have to make a call at 1(800)716-4851 and let the team know about the problem. But make sure to click the pictures as soon as you receive the parcel.

How can We Contact 1800Flowers?

If you need any other details feel free to call 1800flowers customer service at 1(800)716-4851.

Verdict on 1800Flowers

The main benefit of using 1800flowers is that it’s not only a flower delivery service but it is much more than that. You can add a special basket or gifts from amazing brands with your flowers to make it a complete surprise. It also helps to connect with your family in 195 countries when you are not physically available for their special days.

There is no reason to not recommend 1800Flowers to make your loved ones’ day even more special. 1800flowers does not fail to provide astonishing services throughout 45 years of service. All their customers and members are nothing but satisfied and happy with their services.

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