1-800 Florals Review (2022): Is It Worth Ordering From America’s Most Reliable Florist?

Do you want to enjoy the convenience of sending flowers and gifts to your loved ones from anywhere? 1-800 Florals should be your go-to florist. Whether you are out of town or busy at the office, the florist’s reliable online delivery service takes away the hassle of planning and organizing floral deliveries for your loved ones.

The 1-800 Florals flower shop has a pretty unique setup. Unlike regular florists, this flower shop guarantees coverage almost anywhere you are. So, you can always rest assured your sister’s favorite tulip bouquet and the mother’s day peonies will be delivered, even if they are outside the US.

Nonetheless, this is not all that makes the award-winning florists a popular option among many consumers. The flower shop’s personal service approach and its abundant selection of fresh flowers, plants, and gift baskets are what make it such a beloved all-stop destination for your loved one’s surprises.

So, are you wondering how you can surprise your family and friends through 1-800 Florals? This 1-800 Florals review covers everything there is to know about the flower shop, including their product offerings, delivery services, and perks available to customers.

About 1-800 Florals

1-800 Florals was first opened as a small family-owned flower shop in 1923. As a testament to its commitment to quality, the flower shop has grown significantly over the years to become one of America’s leading florists.

But, over nine decades later, now run by children and grandchildren of the founders, the florist still maintains its same old-fashioned commitment to family togetherness and personal service. This approach makes it a beloved shop amongst its loyal customers.

1-800 Florals has also managed to keep up with modern times. The top 1% ranked, award-winning shop links with over 30,000 professional affiliate florists worldwide to offer its stellar fresh flower, plant, and gift basket delivery services.

1-800 Florals Product Offering Review

1-800 Florals offers a plethora of flower, plant, and gift basket options. The florist lets you shop by offering a choice of two categories, i.e. Shop by product or by occasion.

Shop By Product

This option allows you to choose from a range of available flower options for your loved ones. You can choose anything from premium rose bouquets to mixed fresh flowers or even long lasting plants. The florist also offers pre-designed gift baskets with goodies, like chocolates and bonbons.

You can also opt for other meaningful gifts, like a teddy bear and balloon bouquet. Each bouquet, plant, or gift basket is made to order in-store and locally delivered. You can even opt for same day service if you want.

The main products offered in this section include;

  • Roses
  • Fresh flower bouquets, which include individual varieties or mixed flower bouquets – Like the Heavenly Harmony, which combines a blend of soft pink roses, accent blossoms, and fresh foliage in a stylish glass vase.
  • Summer flowers like the bright Love Everlasting Bouquet of hydrangea, oriental lilies, snapdragons, and stock in an uplifting mix of pink, purple, and yellow tones.
  • Plants and planters
  • Sympathy flowers including floral arrangements, easel sprays, and wreaths
  • Family funeral flowers including casket sprays and standing floral hearts
  • New baby bouquets and birthday bouquets like a dozen roses, a vase, and a teddy bear

1-800 also offers a wide selection of plants and planters for your loved ones. You can opt for anything from the garden-style Plant galore basket with hearty indoor green plants and colorful azalea to different sized desk and floor plants in baskets or pots.

With each bouquet, you can also opt for add-ons like a vase and extra accessories like balloons with an appropriate message. To give you more varieties when it comes to deliveries, 1-800 Florals has partnered with Teleflora and Florists Telegraph Delivery (FTD).

Teleflora is a leading flower delivery network in the US and Canada, comprising over 20,000 florists. On the other hand, launched in 1910, FTD consists of a handful of retail florists dedicated to guaranteeing customer satisfaction through out-of-town flower deliveries.

The networks’ delivery strives on distinctive bouquets, popular keepsake gifts, and reliable local delivery services via industry-leading technology. 1-800 Florals offers Teleflora flowers professionally designed and delivered via affiliate local Teleflora florists across the US and Canada.

Shop By Occasion

Alternatively, if you struggle to pick the right bouquet, you can shop by occasion and let the experts do it for you. Each section offers a wide range of flower bouquets, plants, planters, and gift baskets to choose from.

Occasions include;

  • Graduations
  • Birthdays and new baby
  • Get well
  • Love & anniversary
  • Thinking of You
  • Funerals and sympathy
  • Weddings

Other Services

The 1-800 Florals online services also cater to those who want to send virtual gifts to their loved ones. You can purchase anything from virtual ecards to holiday ecards and virtual flowers.

1-800 Florals Pricing, Promotions & Discounts

1-800 Florals features a varied price menu to cater to different needs. Flower bouquets range from $49.95 to $190.95, depending on the flower variety and quality. The price may also go up depending on your add-ons like vases and teddy bears.

You will also find flower bouquets that cost more like premium rose bouquets that fetch up to $239.95. Other flower categories also cost more, like a large spray casket can cost anywhere between $274.95 and $549.95.

On the other hand, plants and planters have a price range of about $49.95 to 109.95. The florist also runs special discounts on certain flowers, plants, and gift basket selections.

1-800 Florals Delivery Services

1-800 Florals delivers to over 49 continental US states and in Canada. You can opt for a variety of delivery arrangements, including same day. Further, 1-800 Florals delivers to countless international destinations outside the US and Canada, thanks to its reliable network of global affiliates.  Among the over 140 destinations include the UK, France, Australia, Argentina, Japan, and Egypt, to mention a few.

Additional 1-800 Florals Customer Perks

1-800 Florals runs a flower delivery subscription program, allowing you to send flowers to yourself or loved ones monthly. You can choose between a three-month, six-month, or annual plan.

The best part is these options come with discounted prices and are pretty easy to set up. Simply pick and order the flowers you want, share the delivery details and enclosed message (if any).

Is 1-800 Florals Worth Ordering From?

When it comes to reliability and convenience, 1-800 Florals proves to be a great option. Over the years, the flower shop has garnered various partnerships and affiliations to ensure a pleasant gift-giving experience. However, this is not all that makes the florist worth ordering from.

With over 9 decades on the market, the flower shop has crafted the art of curating some of the best flower and plant gifts. As evidence from the customer reviews, 1-800 Florals also goes the extra mile to charm you with attention to detail and commitment to personal service and customer satisfaction.

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